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Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 04:04:32 -0400

This is a notice from Bob Malecki and Cockroach!
An Ezine for poor and working class people..

Brown writes!

>Bob, what do you think of the latest additions to my website... I worked my
>ass off to get MB 5r up there...   Next will be the Cuba bulletin...
>Greetings from the league of substitute Spartacist webmasters....
Dear Brown,

Well, you will have to send me your URL again. My computer crashed and I 
lost all my links to homepages. I am glad you have got "Marxist Bulletin 
no5" up and running and understand that you worked very hard.

However I do not consider myself a "substitute" for the ICL/Spartacists. In 
fact as I understand it the ICL has made a concious decision not to make 
their appearance on Internet a priority. This is a decision made by the 
democratically elected leadership of the ICL and should be respected as such.

I take responsibility *only* for my own own page and oppose the labels that 
you are trying to paste on both me and the ICL. You are being driven by some 
sort of love/hate relationship on a very personalistic basis. My homepage I 
put up because I have a very warm place in my heart for the program and 
politics of the ICL. They are the closest thing to the Bolshevik Leninists 
around today and for a very long time..

So please do not involve me in your mini-campaign which I see as a synical 
attempt on your part to carry on the problems that you have finding yourself 
outside of the ICL. And in fact your whole line is anti-party.. Naturally 
you are free to do anything you want at your homepage. But don't get me 
involved in a rotten anti-party and anti ICL block by cluing your above 
labels on us being co-conspirators to force the ICL to come on line..

In fact I defend the decisions of the ICL. Not because the Internet is not a 
place to be,but that one has to make priorities in the work of the party and 
the International.

And as you now appear to presenting the Internet world with a false and anti 
party conception of reality and trying to link me as some sort of 
co-conspirator in this operation. I must hereby publically say that I have 
NO intention of building a
" league of substitute Spartacist webmasters...."

It is only the ICL that can decide if and when it will make Internet 
presence a priority. Not yours or anybody elses wishful thinking. When and 
if the ICL decides to come onto the Internet, I am quite sure they will do 
it in a disciplined Bolshevik Leninist manner connected to the program and 
politics of authodox Trotskyism.

The Spartacist Page at my home site is in a sense completely Independent in 
that only material from the ICL is present there and have a direct E-mail 
connection with the ICL and not Malecki. However it is mine and mine alone 
responsibility that it is there..

Finally, I notice that you have even taken a futher step in trying to build 
a rotten anti party block with me against the ICL. You have falsified my 
homepage by removing its address and pasting the address of the 
ICL/Spartacist page in Red Cabbage as and advertisement. You have done this 
conciously and unprincipally while at the same time removing the address of 
the "Revolutionary Homepage of Bob Malecki".
Without asking me and in your own demented opportunist line of trying to 
force the ICL on to the Internet you have taken BY YOURSELVE on the project 
of dragging me into this little anti Spartacist ans anti party conspiracy of 
yours. I demand that you immediately remove the lying and falsified 
advertisement that the ICL/Spartacists page is at the address you give in 
Red Cabbage. It is not the ICL that is responsible in anyway for this and 
the address you give is in fact a htm file
produced by Bob Malecki and Cockroach and nothing else..

Until you do this and apologize for your unprincipled rotten block 
activities directed against the grain of Lenin on the Party question which 
concretely means that it is you that decide when and where the ICL has a 
presence on the Internet and not the democratic elected bodies of the 
International..I completely oppose your latest activities. I condemn these 
activities and you for trying to drag me into this shit and for the time 
being say to all subscribers and readers of Cockroach and Malecki's garbage 
at my homepage that I take NO responsibility for anything that Brown does. 
He is a falsifier and liar regarding my homepage. And is using his Red 
Cabbage Rag to spread these falsifications..

Warm regards
Bob Malecki
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