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Subject: Re: M-I: Fascism and social fascism
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 11:49:14 -0500 (CDT)

	One of the semi-deliberate tricks by which upholders of
the general capitalist culture silence marxists is by suppressing
marxist vocabulary though parody, mockery, charges of jargon, etc.
It is hard to do something about that. But the indiscriminate 
throwing around of the term *fascism* by marxists is an instance
of us destroying our own vocabulary. If we call everything we
don't like, every state operation which is oppressive or does
not fit the *bourgeois* ideological definition of "ideal democracy,
"fascism," we are simply and dangerously narrowing the vocabulary
we have available for the analysis and and naming of anti-working
class politics and theory. On the basis simply of preserving words
for use it is utterly bizarre to debate with Castro (or even those
assholes in Beijing) are "fascists," it empties the term of historical

	And incidentally, it is just possible that we will need
a quite different name for future enemies who do fit the label
"fascist" in many ways, but who because of changed historical
context will be better named otherwise.


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