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Date:          Tue, 10 Feb 1998 09:56:36 GMT-1000

                   B O U G A I N V I L L E  -  V I D E O s

 1. [Austr. TV - SBS series "Cutting EDGE", Dec.97, 55 min.]
    Bougainville: "Our Island, Our Fight" (by Wayne Coles-Janess, 1997)
	BRA views / 1 fighting scene / living in BRA controlled areas / 
	Ona on independence / Kauona on military situation / Momis-Somare-
	Barter-mission to get out the 5 Kangu-Beach-POWs / good excerpt of
	background (early-70s-autonomy, CRA, Panguna / hardly PNG politics
	not much on Australia's role / see also Guardian from 10. Dec. 97
   [International Sales and Distribution: Jennifer Cornish Media Australia,
    fon: +61-2-9331-0099   -
    fax: +61-2-9331-0055   -   eMail:]

 2. [Austr. TV - ABC-Magazine "Foreign Correspondent", Nov.97, 16 min.]
	situation after Burnham II / imposing the truce / Kabui / Kauona /
	"Ona is leader but more and more isolated" / happy but sceptic and
	careful people / little if any background
   (Note: sequence with gunshot, "give me your video, you PNG spy", and
    comments reffering to Francis Ona... are reconstituted, not original)
   [Contact BFM as under 3. below]

 3. [Catma film for British (!) Channel 4 series "Critical Eye", 1993, 53 min.]
    Hell In The Pacific (parts 1 & 2)
	p.1: Southern Highlands, Mt. Kare Goldmine: RTZ/CRA vs. Landowners
	p.2: RTZ/CRA (now Rio Tinto) & Bougainville = BCL & Panguna Hole
	     history / Miriori / obscenity / exploitation, not civilisation /
	     eco-catastrophe / war consequences / copper / gold on Lihir /
	     interview with CRA
   [Contact: BFM - Bougainville Freedom Movement,
             P.O. Box 134, Erskineville, NSW 2043, Australia -
    Vikki John = fon: +61-2-9558-2730, eMail: -
    Max Watts = fon/fax: +61-2-9181-2343, eMail: &

 4. [ARTV = Actively Radical TV, 1995?, 35 min.]
    Bougainville: Australia & Papua New Guinea's Genocidal War
	reasons and motives explained from the activists point of view /
	protest and resistance / BFM = Bougainville Freedom Movement /
	between the films: questions and answers from studio guests Moses
	Havini (BIG spokesperson in Australia) and Max Watts (Freelance
	Journalist) / Vikki John (for BFM Australia)
   [Contact BFM as under 3. above]

 5. [ARTV = Actively Radical TV, 1996?, 20 min.]
    Bougainville: Australia's Vietnam
	Rosemary Gillespie (Human Rights Lawyer, run the medicine blockade) /
	Max Watts / Vikki John / Moses Havini
   [Contact BFM as under 3. above]

 6. [Austr. TV - ABC-Magazine "Sunday", May 97, 31 min.]
	The PNG leaders before the election / pro-democracy and anti-
	corruption movement (anti-sandline, anti-chan) / provides insight /
	Somare / Skate / Momis / Major Enuma / Wingti / Namaliu / Haiveta /
	campaigning for election in the highlands

 7. [Austr. TV - ABC-Magazine "Sunday", before April 94, 18 min.]
    Caught In The Crossfire
	Very pro-PNG, needs Australian assistance (to do what? to "impose"
	peace?) /BRA in defensive position / PNG policy of "dialogue" /
	"PNG needs money for care-centers", whereas "BRA is destructive"

 8. [BFM - Bougainville Freedom Movement, 1995, 5 min.]
    Good morning Bougainville (by Alister Hewlett, 1995)
	protest-song against the imperialist war against Bougainville, mixed
	with scenes of the bloody war and the hard life of the Boug. people
	"...and victory to the BRA!"
   [Contact BFM as under 3. above]

 9. [unfinished working document, 29 min.]
    Independent Bougainville (by Rosemary and Kirrallee Gillespie, 1994-96)
	situation of the Bougainville people / life under war conditions /
	medical supply problems and hardships of the Bougainvilleans
   [Contact BFM as under 3. above]

10. [working document, 19 min.] (by Mandy King and Fabio Cavadini, Aug.97)
    Women's views of the Bougainville war
11. [working document, 8 min.] (by Mandy King and Fabio Cavadini, Aug.97)
    Refugees in and from Bougainville
	Living and health issues in BRA-controlled areas and in the Solomons
   [Contact BFM as under 3. above or fon/fax +61-2-9660-1604]

Video List compiled by Norbert Braumann


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