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Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 01:19:15 +0100
Subject: M-NEWS: Tuzla international conf against privatization

The following is an invitation to an international conference to oppose the
rolling back of workers' conquests in Bosnia. There's still time to make
arrangements to attend.




Autonomous Trade Union
of Coal-mine Workers
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Republic Committee

Samostalni sindikat
radnika rudnika uglja
Bosne i Hercegovine
Republicki odbor

Address: 75000 TUZLA, Mije Kerosevica Guje 1, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Tel: (++387) 75 282 111 extn 542
Fax: (++387) 75 283 412

	International workers' conference against privatisation,
	casual labour and unemployment

March 14-15 1998
Tuzla, Bosnia

Dear Friends and Comrades,

On behalf of all Bosnian miners and their families we invite you to a
conference to discuss the problems of privatisation, unemployment and
casual labour.

Nationalist aggression in Bosnia and ex-Yugoslavia has left the working
class with very great problems. Industries are destroyed. Throughout the
region there is very high unemployment. Working people are impoverished and
their rights are ignored. Once again in war, miners and workers have fought
for the unity of the working class, regardless of their national identities
and especially against any ethnic division.

Now, in Bosnia, politicians and financiers want to privatise our socially
owned coal mines and other industries. With the information our union has
from fellow miners in Britain and around the world we are convinced that
this privatisation is not in the interests of our miners. We can only see
it adding to the unemployment and use of casual labour that is now a
worldwide problem. Nor will it lead to a sensible use of our natural

We are aware that as miners in Bosnia we will find it very difficult to
stop these privatisation plans by ourselves. We need to plan the future of
the mining industry in co-operation with working people across Europe in a
way that will benefit people. We also know that it is not only in Bosnia
that people are facing these problems. It is for this reason that we hope
you will send representatives to this conference, where we as working
people can seek solutions to our common problems.

For further information about the conference please fax to the above number.

Miners Greetings

Resad Husagic
Secretary, Tuzla Miners


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