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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 00:52:45 +0100
Subject: M-NEWS: Re:  Mass Detention of alleged San Francisco Anti-War Protesters

Bruce Burleson quotes David S:

>>  The rally itself was the standard Pop Frontist affair,
>> with liberals and Greens and one Muslim speaker who endorsed
>> the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.  Ostensible Trotskyist
>> presences included SA, ISO, WWP, and FSP, all indistinguishable
>> from the left liberals.  Socialist Action's National Secretary
>> had lots to say about action but nothing to say about socialism.

and then kvetches:

>I wonder: is the purpose of M-NEWS to report actual *news*
>about events?  Or, as Mr. Stevens seems to think, is it a
>forum for ranting and raving against groups he disagrees with?

Both for the price of one. Information about participants (I wouldn't have
known this without Dave's report) and what they were saying, although
admittedly this was put a bit indirectly. The rest of the report was full
of an account of various phases of the meeting. One of the more useful
posts we've seen recently in fact.

The comments on the groups were hardly ranting and raving -- dismissive and
assuming too much awareness of his own way of thinking in his readers, but
calm and collected (especially coming from David S's keyboard...).

Bruce B obviously wants to use M-news as a forum for putting down views he
disagrees with regardless of whether they are linked with the report of an
event or not. This is accusing your opponent of doing what you are doing
yourself. It's like the Clinton administration threatening to use weapons
of mass destruction against other countries and showing proclivities for
using them to generate the death of hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern
civilians, particulary children, and then accusing its chosen victim of
precisely these crimes.

Another word for it is hypocrisy.




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