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What's New at Socialist Appeal's "In Defence of Marxism" web site
February 24th,1998

We have added thre more chapters to the on-line edition of Ted Grant's 
Russia from revolution to counterrevolution

- Part Seven: The meaning of perestroika
This chapter explains how, after becoming an absolute fetter on the 
development of the economy, sections of the Stalinist bureaucracy tried 
to reform the system in order to be able maintain their rule. That is the 
meaning of Gorbachov's perestroika. But these attempts to reform the 
system where to open the floodgates which led to their overthrow.

- Part Eight: from foreign policy to the national question
This chapter deals with the foreign and national policies of the 
Stalinist bureaucracy in its last period. Why, having abandoned a 
revolutionary perspective they got involved into a crazy arms race and 
later developed the idea of 'peaceful co-existence'. It also deals with 
the development of the crisis of Stalinism in Eastern Europe and also 
with the distorsion of the policies of October in relation to the 
national question leading to vicious national oppression under Stalinism.

- Part Nine: The collapse of Stalinism
Covering from 1989, through the attempted coup in 1991, the storming of 
the White House in 1993, Ukranian independence and the conflict in 

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