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Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996 08:38:43 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: M-TH: Re: No more purges

Antonio Mota wrote:

> For now, I just wondering why such different currents as Trotskyst,
> state-caps revisionist, fascist and capitalist in general they all agree
> in their anti-stalinist point of views (with some little differents,
> Troskysts talk about 25 millions, imperialist talk about 14 millions,
> curious isn't it?)

It is a complex word, Antonio. The anti-Stalinist perspectives of certain
segments of the left should not be confused with the anti-communism of the

As for the numbers of peasants, workers, and revolutionaries murdered
under Stalin, what I find _far more_ "curious" is the continuous attempt
by Stalinists -- current and former -- to try to lower the death count.
*Even if we accept a lower figure* (e.g. 10 mil) does that _in any way_
diminish the nature of the genocide? Does that now make Stalin the "great
patriotic hero" of the [former] USSR? Can we all sleep better tonight with
this "knowledge"?

[NB: Antonio's Net address which includes the word "genocide"].

> Curious saint-allience this one.

Indeed it is. An alliance of people even today who call themselves
"progressives" with the bloodthirsty murderer of millions of workers,
peasants, members of non-Russian nations, revolutionaries, Old Bolsheviks,
etc.. For these people I have *no* respect. Their cowardice and
apologetics is nauseating. Fortunately, they have all been discredited in
the eyes of the working class and have no future. Their most visible
presence is as ghostly apparitions on the Internet.


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