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Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996 11:15:18 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: M-TH: Re: No more purges

I have a better idea... for those who don't wish to engage in discussion
of certain threads, DON'T!  Let's try to be as inclusive as we can of
different threads which impact on M-TH, and let's also recognize that we
are not hermetically sealed from other lists, from our past, or from the
society at large.  That would be terribly UNdialectical to think that we
could reify our own list as a whole unto itself!  It is a living whole,
and those of us who want to discuss other issues, should simply do that...
start our own threads, and engage in the kind of respectful interplay that
M-TH was designed to promote.  We can do this by example, by taking the
high road  -- so let's be a little kinder to one another here.  Life is
too short . . . 

- Chris 
(your humble co-moderator)
=================================================Chris Matthew Sciabarra, Ph.D
Visiting Scholar, NYU Department of Politics
On Sat, 26 Oct 1996, Gerald Levy wrote:

> Ralph Dumain wrote:
> > I demand the immediate expulsion of Richard/worker online, Mota,
> > and Burford for sabotaging this list from the very beginning.  Thaxis
> > was created to avoid contamination from these little shits.
> If only we had a list policy excluding those from marxism-general and/or
> masturbation-international, then we wouldn't have to worry about the
> "sabotage" from the "little shits."
> Despite all utopian desires for the contrary, we will not overcome our
> marxism1/marxism2 heritage by wishing it away.
> Jerry
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