File spoon-archives/marxism-thaxis.archive/marxism-thaxis_1996/96-10-29.043, message 61

Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996 15:39:06 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: M-TH: Mota's Challenge

Antonio Mota wrote:

> Let me say, I will describe myself as Stalinist, without a should in my
> mind, let me say more, Stalin to me was not the former USSR patriotic
> hero, he is the *all* european anti-nazi hero. If one could say what was
> the most personal attitude that makes a difference in WWII, I'll say it
> was Stalin rest in Moscow when nazis were 20 Km near, considering tthat
> only attitude was the turning point of the nazi offensive in all
> eaurope.
> But than again I'm not trying to be the "all know" and I don't want to
> piss myself with anyone out there. So I don't need nowone to exclude
> myself fron this list, I'll exclude myself if someone of you dear to
> call me again "little shit" or whatever. And you can gracefull pat yours
> backs on to each other.

Antonio: I "dear" to call you _again_ a little shit or whatever!

You can exclude yourself now.

Good Bye.


PS1: sorry about the foul-up re your Net address.
PS2: did others read what Louis P had to say to Chris B on M-I? Maybe
     there's some hope for that list after all.

     --- from list ---


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