File spoon-archives/marxism-thaxis.archive/marxism-thaxis_1996/96-10-29.043, message 76

Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 10:28:35 +0000
Subject: M-TH: Let's call things by their real names!

Jukka writes:

>No "you fascist", "you stalinist" on this list!

Suppose someone *is* a Stalinist? That is to say adheres theoretically to
Socialism in One Country, the Two-Stage Theory of Revolution and
Class-Collaborationism and accepts a non-democratic, bureaucratic top-down

There are plenty of these around, and it's not name-calling to designate
them as Stalinists, just straightforward (if at times controversial)
political characterization.

Or does this list consider the political tendency disappeared with its
eponymous founder?

Is it acceptable to put forward Stalinist views, but not to label them as
such or oppose them as such?

Just asking.



PS Jukka hei! En maeae taestae aiheesta halua pirustella sun kanssa
ollenkaan. Vaan haluaisin vaeitaeae suoraasti ettae joku on kyllae
stalinisti kun se tarjoaa meille stalinismia.

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