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Subject: SV: M-TH: Self-Emancipation of Women or Hetero-chauvinism?
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 06:47:46 +0200

Charlie writes..

    Long time no see.
     Yoshie said I was disqualified as an assistant
      for women's self- emancipation based on my
    contradicting her views on procreation and
     sexuality.  But  since her views are not the same
     as a lot of other women that disqualification is

Charlie begging for help from Malogosia against the ever more viril attacks
by Yoshie. What ever happened to the Charlie who "loves" all women? Anyhow,
yesterday I wrote something along the lines of Yoshie's "wishful" thinking.
Which I still uphold. However her views are certainly viable as a goal for
some women and men under the dictatorship of the proletariat.. And that men
on this list might be using this stuff unconciously or conciously to
determine the frame of women's existence is certainly viable..

If there are women who argue and fight for the points Yoshie is making it is
connected to *real* possible rights and alternatives in a future society..

I tend to think that Yoshie has a point at least with Charles who wants to
put women in the reproduction category as the only viable Marxist
alternative..I certainly do not think that the case. But I do think that it
has been the case historically. But this does not make it and absolute truth
connected to the technology that exists today.. But for Joe Blow six pack
and rosie the riveter it is the norm and will be for quite a long time I
would bet...

And even for those who either choose a biological way of reproduction, or a
more technical arrangement, or not reproducing at all will all find a place
in future society.

The point is getting there..

Warm regards
Bob Malecki

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