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Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 04:35:09 -0500
Subject: Re: BIOLOGY (was Re: M-TH: Re: Porn)

Mark wrote:
>I re-entered this debate (briefly) because I'd clarified my
>thoughtts about porn, so it served a purpose. I'm happt yo
>continue with you, Yoshie, on the basis of rational discourse and
>not feminist obscurantism and hectoring.

I would be happy to continue the debate with you on the basis of reason and
not the obscurantism, biologism, ahistoricism, and hectoring of your
hetero-chauvinism. I do not have high hopes, however.

>How do you (on what basis do YOU) define an act as a sex act if it
>is not related to reproduction?

A sex act is performed for the production of pleasure. It is not related to
reproduction by virtue of its being a sex act. I have already listed
examples of sex acts that are not related to reproduction in my previous
posts. Anyone interested can look for them in the archive. To repeat, all
sex acts, except for ejaculating inside a vagina when the possessor of the
said vagina is fertile, are unrelated to reproduction.

>Inserting semen into a vagina is indeed the biological fact of

Inserting semen into a vagina concerns a reproductive choice. It is not
necessarily done through a sex act, nor does it have to be. A doctor can do
it. A girlfriend of mine can do it for me, or I can do it myself, for
instance, by using semen donated by a male friend of mine who neither has
to be straight nor has to have sex with me. Sex + sexuality are not
'natural' in the sense that you think what 'natural' is. And *reproduction*
and *sex + sexuality* are not the same. Otherwise, the only thing that
counts as sex and sexual would be deposition of semen into a vagina when
the possessor of the said vagina is fertile.

>and all of our evolution is dictated to ensure that we run
>around days and nights trying to do that to each other whether we
>conscious want to or not.

If the above isn't a sociobiological argument, what is?

>Gimme a real argument, or take your ball to another part of the

Neither you nor Charles B nor Boddhi has given me a real argument worth
answering, in fact.


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