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Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 23:55:36 -0800
Subject: Re: SV: M-TH: Little red flags

>> Proyect replying to Russel..
>> >Russell Pearson:
>> >>Your concern for the people of Ecuador is pure cant- an armchair politics
>> >>of storing up clippings for later use:
>> >
>> >This is not a matter of "concern". It is a question of political economy.
>> >The reason that people in the imperialist nations have a higher standard of
>> >living is because of exploitation.
>> Stop the bullshit lecturing Proyect. Like Russel said he knows his
>> Lenin...You pal have left marxism for greener pastures and spit on
>> the working class. A utopian petty bourgeois third world green
>> ideology...
>> Warm regards
>> Bob Malecki
>    Bob,I know you have disagreements with Lou,but don't you think 
>that all the Communists Parties need to be concerned about the 
>environment and devlop a coherent plan to deal with these issues ?
>Communist greetings,
>Ms.L V. Trahn
Yeah, Bob? A utopian petty bourgeois third world green
ideology? Easy for you to say, sitting there in your industrialized world.


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