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Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 09:46:19 -0500
Subject: M-TH: Re: Sexual liberation and male chauvinism

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    Everybody wants to have sex - good, mutually loving sex. Most people want to have more , more variety and  mo' better sex than they do.
    The denial of this, including an arch-taboo on even talking about it, is a repression as great as any and greater than most  in the "West", and perhaps elsewhere.  Freud's breach of this taboo is one of his continuing contributions, despite his male chauvinist, bourgeois and racist limitations.
     Two extremely courageous people, Marx and Engels, were more repressed in writing about sexual liberation than they were in writing about overthrowing the state and ruling class, which was risking being ruined or murdered. However, they did indicate vaguely that in their view "the family" would be abolished simultaneously with the abolition of private property and the state. By abolition of the family they meant essentially ending monogamy.
      In The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, Engels calls the origin of monogamy the world historic defeat of the female sex. With the rise of private property, the wife became the private property of the husband. Thus, I think of monogamy as the emblem of male chauvinism.  Monogamy was only for the woman, the male chauvinist "double standard " from the start.
      A long term historical reversal or irony is that, after millenia of fighting back against male chauvinism , and winning closer equality with men, including erosion of the double standard, women seem to be the upholders of monogamy. Perhaps,  monogamy is no longer essentially male chauvinist, but I believe it is, because of its historical roots. Co-ownership of each other compounds the older ownership of the woman.
       A main courage of the lesbian and gay liberation movement is its challenge to sexual repression and taboo. This is in stark contrast with heterosexuals, who are utterly ,politically silent on this profoundly burning desire within us.
      The desire is expressed, but indirectly and implicitly or obliquely, as in the thread here on prostitution.
      It is a mistake to try to develop theories and programs of heterosexual liberation without first and foremost basing the approach on acknowledgement that MALE CHAUVINISM is the root origin of sexual repression.  Sexual objectification of women and misogynist sexuality must be obliterated and demolished before there can be any progress in heterosexual liberation. All around male chauvinism , especially in childcare and pregancy support ,must be destroyed as a PREcondition to that liberation.
       Proposals by men for reformist prostitution, express an understandable yearning, but they only tighten the lid on this greatest of all taboos.  For this is one liberation movement which will go nowhere slow without absolutely revolutionary respect, passion and justice FOR women.
       Oh please don't throw me into that briarpatch (Br'er Rabbit).
       If men can end male chauvinism, what about a form of marriage which ordinarily runs for a term of time like school, with an expectation of a "graduation" or celebrated completion of a partnership before "death do us part" ? The term would be linked to a reasonable time for joint childrearing, growth and development.

        Charles B.

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