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Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 10:17:06 -0500
Subject: Re: M-TH: Rhetorical "Drive"


>Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:
>>Those words come from and lead them back again to psychoanalysis,
>>sociobiology, biological determinism, anthropocentric views of the natural
>>world--but *not* historical materialism.
>"Psychoanalysis" is a bit of an odd-person-out on this list. Sure, some
>psychoanalyts have been Procreationists, but the quote I posted from Freud
>the other day is anything but. And where would Judith Butler be without

I have a kind of interest in psychoanalysis, and the quote you sent here
wasn't bad. I read Butler, Teresa de Lauretis, Kaja Silverman, etc. who
make a feminist/queer use of psychoanalysis. I like Marcuse as well. But
the concepts of 'drive,' 'instinct,' etc. are useless unless one reads them
in the manner Marcuse does: social relations + ideology so deeply and for a
long enough time shaped in + shaping human practice that they almost feel
like 'nature.'

And you know Procreationists are too hetero-chauvinist and contemptuous of
history to read them that way. They reserve history for class, and they
naturalize sex, gender, sexuality, etc., making them ahistorical.

Heterosexism blocks not only the political + sexual enlightenment but also
hetero-chauvinists' ability to read. Makes idiots out of them all.


P.S. Why can't more men be like you, Michael H, and Carrol C? What's wrong
with them? I guess the love of 'evolutionary' talk of 'sexual drives,
instincts, etc.' stops their own political evolution. Retro but definitely

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