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Subject: M-TH: Wow-what this list as perked up..
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 07:29:01 +0200

Notice that this list has picked up quite recently..Is it the last hiccup of
the sex drive/hormones speaking from a generation that has experiened
everything?Just curious but it appears that even the
sexual "revolution" is getting its blows these days.

I was also wondering where Hugh got that info on Soviet women. Because it
appears that the porn industry has really exploded to the east..

I notice too the culteral shock many immigrants face here in Sweden.
Including myself and many others that came here..Not in the least the large
Latin American community that came here and today we have witnessed both
sexual castration of women from Africa and in fact the murder of women from
other countries trying to throw off the iron chasity belt that has been put
on them..Not to mention the revival of Islamic fundamentalism and the Popes
armies..So was just wondering if Yoshie's enthusiaism about the changing
roles in sexuality are a bit over doing it.Perhaps on the verge of wishful

Why even in Sweden we now have a small but strong lobby of "right to

PS: Li, I am very busy. Gotta do a half hour radio program on Indonesia
tonight. But I promise to return to your vanguard question and the letter
from the anachists...
And also Charlie's claims that none of us are "Stalinist"! Ha Ha what a

Warm regards
Bob Malecki

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