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Subject: SV: SV: M-TH: Against the Naturalization of Heterosexuality (was
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 17:12:12 +0200

Li replying to my question..
> Why do men cut out the clitorus in some parts of the world Boddi?
> Warm regards
> Bob Malecki

       Bob,in some parts of Africa female circumcision is still
practiced.I know its hard to believe but its true.It is believed that
it lessens the pleasure a women would have during sex.To me it seems
just a form of control,and a barbaric practice.


I know and it was a rhetorical question to Boddi. In fact we have had some
cases here in Sweden of African men attempting to carry out this practice on
female children claiming it part of their "culture".. The Swedish state has
forbidden this practice..

Which brings me to another question ---circumcision!

Any takers. ?

Personally I have the opinion that it is the best thing possible for all
male children on the grounds of health aspects. Here in Sweden it is not
practiced and must be demanded explicitedly at the hospital..

Warm regards
Bob Malecki

Communist greetings,
Ms.L V. Trahn

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