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Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 09:31:27 +0200
Subject: M-TH: Re: Faking it

Yoshie speculates:

>Hugh/Mimi writes back to me (with hurt feelings)

You wish!

>>>No, but in the exactly the same way, most (almost all?) straight guys
>>>CANNOT know--or don't want to know or sometimes even care--if their
>>>female sexual partners (in consensual non-commercial sex) are really
>>>enjoying it or just faking it. How can you tell?
>>It's the vibes -- the quality of the shudder, the concentration of the
>>thrust, the tension of the body, the charge in the frisson, the note of the
>>siren -- you can tell ...
>You can fake all of the above.

Tell me about it, Grandma... You can also fake an epileptic fit. You can
*try* and fake any damn thing. This isn't smiling to the customers and
hoping they have a nice day we're talking about.

>>And there's nothing more depressing than someone turning off in the middle
>>of it all. Course you can tell.
>Repetition tends to indicate a lack of confidence. (Can tell...can tell?)

Nit-picking smacks of desperation, no?

Haven't you ever had anyone turn off in the middle of it all, Yoshie? How
could you tell? Or couldn't you tell? Or didn't you care? Or maybe you
enjoyed it?

>>What about women knowing or caring where the bloke is?
>Ejaculation is one measure, though some (not all) of my gay male friends
>say that men can have orgasms without ejaculating and that straight guys
>often do not understand this point.

More to the point here is ejaculation without orgasm.

>Do you ever have orgasms without
>ejaculating, Hugh?

Women do it all the time, so why shouldn't we?

Are all *your* orgasms the same, Yoshie?

>>PS Plenty of surveys showed that women in the Soviet Union were many times
>>more likely to experience orgasm, ie enjoy sex, than women in the USA. That
>>says a lot about the emotional infrastructure of a society. Haven't seen
>>any surveys covering this aspect of life in the present black hole of
>>attempted capitalist restoration.
>It could be that without many commercialized opportunities, Soviet guys had
>to pay more attention to their regular female partners, if the surveys are
>telling the truth.

What's regular got to do with it? Who said anything about regular?

Perhaps the women were more attentive and stimulating to begin with? Almost
certainly less hung-up or inhibited. (Those Russian eyes!) I don't think
the sensitivities of the men are so special in Russia, the reports I've
heard (from women, Russian and others) tend to be pithy and damning.

>Also, in a country where the state bureaucrats monopolize politics and
>ideological repression is overt, people tend to develop more intense and
>complex forms of interiority and privacy, and IMO the Soviet experience is
>a good example in this respect. More frequent orgasms probably were
>biproducts of the way they lived their public and private lives.

So if you want an orgasm-rich society, screw the people?

Interiority perhaps, privacy hardly. Did you ever read about living
conditions in communal flats? Or maybe paper-thin walls produce a complex
kind of privacy -- like having it with the neighbours and not having it at
the same time?

I don't know of any statistics on frequency of orgasm in China,
unfortunately, so any speculation about the erotic qualities of proletarian
dictatorships, whether deformed or not, will be lopsided.

I think rather that the apparent frequency of Soviet orgasms was more a
reflection of the lack of orgasms in some typical imperialist countries,
like the States. A bit like the apparently amazing size of turds in some
fibre-rich slow-food countries compared with the watery dribble or
constipated sheep-droppings generated by imperialist dietary habits.

I think also that the orgasm is coming back even in imperialist societies,
because of women's growing self-awareness (even if this is constantly under
threat). It's like a swelling tide that's difficult to stop -- one orgasm
is enough to hook people for life. I think the relative frequency of
orgasms in the Soviet Union shows that the barest minimum of sexual
liberation is enough to release an awful lot of positive sexual energy, and
that conversely the lack of orgasms in imperialism is a symptom of just how
bad things really are in our consumer paradise. And thirdly I think that
this gives an awful lot of hope for the way things will be when people
start interacting with each other with less inhibitions under

I probably mistranscribed the song yesterday:

>	We'll hop in a jalopy
>	To a drive-in movie
>	And never look at the show
>	We're gonna hug and kiss
>	Just like this
>	And I can't wait to go - wo -wo!

It should have been:

	And I can't wait to go - O - O!


mimi O

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