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Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 18:00:46 -0500
Subject: Re: M-TH: Self-Emancipation of Women or Hetero-chauvinism?

   Assistant to women's self-emancipation came up half jokingly
   when I first joined the list. "Assistant" is meant to indicate
    a SUBORDINATE role.
        The important point is this.  With respect to male chauvinism,
  men are the main agents of oppression. Women have to be
  the Subjects of their own emancipation, but a subordinate role
   men can play is stop oppressing them. That would be an
   example of an assistance.
       As a Black person,  I see White assistants to Black liberation
   as critical.
       The main minds that have to be changed about male
   chauvinism are men's not women's. In that regard,
men feminist might play a special role.
         It is a shame that this argument would have two
    women thinking that I am anything but an ally on this, or
    have you trying to discourage me from promoting
    feminism among men.
         However, I will continue to promote feminism among men
   and  women, on and off the list, because I think
    what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

                                   peace and power , sisters

>>> malgosia askanas <> 04/01 4:57 PM >>>
Charles, look, all I'm saying is that I am pretty sure most people on this list,
probably including you, do not have the same views as most people you know,
and yet I've never before heard that used as an argument in a discussion.
So it seems a little odd.  Anyway, _do_ you regard yourself to be qualified
as an assistant for women's self-emancipation?  I would say that would be
a rather presumptuous claim for _anybody_ to make, not just you.  And if you
don't regard yourself thusly, then what is the issue?  Just mutual snottiness?


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