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Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 15:05:33 +0000
Subject: NY Transfer - 1

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From:          NY Transfer News Collective <>
Subject:       Re: Subscription Info.
To:   (Siddharth Chatterjee)
Date:          Sun, 26 Apr 1998 12:53:20 -0400 (EDT)
Cc:   (Accounts Manager)
Reply-to: (Accounts Manager)

Dear S.Chatterjee:

Yes, one of our members has been corresponding with us about your list. 
We have asked him to supply some info about it.  Clearly, from the
comments below, our services are unknown to some of your decision-makers.
Of course we host mailing lists. The fact that the Blythe or NY Transfer
name is not on all of our lists is testimony to our ability to host lists
discreetly.  We have been an online information service since 1985 -- long
before most people ever heard of the internet. I believe you are
acquainted with some of our websites; you may also know that we have been
in operation continuously since 1985, despite some very sophisticated and
well-financed efforts to shut us down. 

We host many mailing lists, including some mammoth ones. We know that the
traffic level is very important to planning a list properly. Hence our

1. how much traffic is there on average per day? We have many servers
with different operating systems (Linus, solaris, NT, etc.)
This information is needed to plan the proper server and operating system
for your list.  Just for your information, the operating platform has
nothing to do with anything else -- i.e., Linux vs Russia is a meaningless

2. I assume that you have members-only posting privileges?  How many
members are on the list?  What sort of security do you require before
someone is added to the list?  We run only secure lists here, with
procedures required of the list owners that prevent political opponents or
pranksters flooding the list with garbage.

3. Naturally, we assume you would do your own administration on this
list, and of course we would have nothing to say about the content of
the list. Perhaps it would help if we send you our basic info, because
clearly some of the people who are involved in choosing a provider do not
know who we are. We host many different political activist groups; we do
not belong to any of these groups. We maintain our total independence in
this way, and we follow NO party line at all. We simply believe that the
members of NY Transfer have views that deserve to be heard. We make
sure that they are heard, and we have a rather excellent track record
in confounding all attempts to interfere with our members' news

Our basic costs:  $300 a year for an organizational account

Mailing lists: $70/year and up, depending on traffic levels,
special security needs, etc.. $70 a year is our basic price for
a small mailing list.

Websites: A 5-meg website is included free with every account. Larger
sites are available on request. Each is priced individually.
Each group in NY Transfer's political membership is unique. We therefore
price our mailing lists and websites individually. It depends entirely on
your requirements. We are specialists in custom internet solutions for
non-profit and activist groups.

Our only requirement, aside from prompt payment of your annual bill, is
that you read and sign a membership agreement that includes our Terms of
Access and, as you will see, guarantees your security and the security
of our other members. I will send you our basic info package in a
separate e-mail message. 

p.s. - please explain the reference to gopher and websites in the
paragraph #3 you reproduced below. I cannot understand one word of it.
Do you also require gopher or ftp access? Do you want a website?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to send e-mail

Kathleen Kelly
NY Transfer/Blythe Systems

> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> (3) I like Sid's proposal the best but we need more info.
> Blithe operates the NY Transfer site which does not host
> any mailing lists.  Do they have the experience to do this?
> How long will take for them to set the list up and running?
> Secondly, we'll need a contract with them which makes it
> clear that the list be run by its participants and that 
> the host provides technical assistance *only.*  We also
> want to know what are their technical capacities.  Sid
> mentioned the Linux web site as an example for our list.
> But it appears not to be a combination of a gopher connection
> with the web space and therefore cannot be reached by
> email.  Yet for our list this is vital if we want to reach
> people beyound the Western academy and bourgeois strata
> in general.  The same Linux system is used by Russians now,
> with the result that really struggling communists and
> labor activists are shut off from a couple of "communist"
> lists which now exist.
> I am ready to contribute financially. Actually, I believe
> it is a good idea to impose a kind of a levi (and perhaps
> a subscription fee in the future) on those subscribers
> who are comfortably employed in the imperialist countries
> for the maintanence and development of our site. We need
> of course more info from Blithe on costs.  It goes without
> saying that those subscribers who pay the costs have no
> more power of decision than any other subscriber. 
> Simple majority rules the list.


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