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Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 22:34:58 -0700
Subject: 1) Re: M-G Vote; 2) Re: Possible M-G Sites

To all M-G subscribers and others interested in it's future:


vladimir bilenkin wrote:
> To ALL M-G subscribers:
> My call to vote on the "simple majority" principle of
> decision-making over the future of this list and its
> running from now on has been seconded by a number of subscribers. So
> let's us vote on this proposal.

I vote "aye".


I think that we owe Sid C. some gratitude for the research he has done
on behalf of M-G for a possible site for the List on the Blythe Systems
hardware.  The cost of Blythe being our host is not prohibitive (I'd be
willing to contribute) and they offer stablity and a political hands-off
policy that suits the needs of M-G rather well as I see them.  Sid's
proposal merits serious consideration.  I believe it is the best option
thus far presented.

I also believe that we need to consider Hans E.'s proposal seriously. 
Certainly, after the vilification (not all of it undeserved) that he was
subjected to on M-G earlier this year, his opennes to hosting M-G is
quite a gesture of goodwill (not all of it deserved) toward M-G and its
membership.  In many respects if Hans simply let M-G go to flap in the
wind without a home, that might be considered our just deserts
--negative feelings between people do not necessarily result from
political differences or class struggle, sometimes people just don't
like being insulted (not everything is as sinister as Rolf sometimes
makes out).  
Nonetheless, depsite its generosity, Hans' offer needs to be taken with
a grain of salt, considering his recent history toward M-G.  If we
accepted his offer, we would probably have to accept limits similar to
those which exist on M-G at present.  I would be willing to live with
these as a second choice, for we would be no worse off than we've been
and better off than not having a list at all.  

In sum, I support moving to Blythe Systems if such a deal can be worked
out, and failing that, that we consider Han's offer as a second choice.
What do others think?

- Juan


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