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Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 21:37:19 +0000
Subject: Call to Vote


My previous post sent today about 11 am. apparently
didn't reach you.  Unfortunately, I didn't make a copy
of it but here is the essence of what I said:

1. Please, subscribe to m-transition so that we can
discuss matters above the one post limit on m-g.  Send:

subscribe marxism-transition


You will receive a message asking you to confirm your

2. I propose to decide on all important issues before us
by simple majority of votes.  I ask some one to second
this proposal and then vote on it.

3. If this proposal passes we need perhaps a week to
obtain more info on our choices, discuss them and take
the final vote.  I believe we have now three proposals
for the future list:
(1) Rolf's home server
(2) Bob Malecki's idea to to go to the Usenet
(3) To get a deal with Blithe Systems

I believe in Rolf's loyalty to the fundamental principles
of this list (no censorship and no exclusions). But
there are technical problems, both in managing the list
and building a web space around it. Still we need to keep
this option open, at least for the period of transition.
Also, in the future we may be interested in the emacs solution
of having several home based servers which would make the
list practically invulnerable.

(2) I was not able to connect with the Usenet address
Bob suggested and I don't know anything about this system.
We need more info on this.  The major question is: Will
our subscribers be able to subscribe to the Usenet if they
have only email capabilities without Internet access (see Nestor's msg)? 

(3) I like Sid's proposal the best but we need more info.
Blithe operates the NY Transfer site which does not host
any mailing lists.  Do they have the experience to do this?
How long will take for them to set the list up and running?
Secondly, we'll need a contract with them which makes it
clear that the list be run by its participants and that 
the host provides technical assistance *only.*  We also
want to know what are their technical capacities.  Sid
mentioned the Linux web site as an example for our list.
But it appears not to be a combination of a gopher connection
with the web space and therefore cannot be reached by
email.  Yet for our list this is vital if we want to reach
people beyound the Western academy and bourgeois strata
in general.  The same Linux system is used by Russians now,
with the result that really struggling communists and
labor activists are shut off from a couple of "communist"
lists which now exist.

I am ready to contribute financially. Actually, I believe
it is a good idea to impose a kind of a levi (and perhaps
a subscription fee in the future) on those subscribers
who are comfortably employed in the imperialist countries
for the maintanence and development of our site. We need
of course more info from Blithe on costs.  It goes without
saying that those subscribers who pay the costs have no
more power of decision than any other subscriber. 
Simple majority rules the list.



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