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Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 07:19:33 -0400
Subject: Re: Let's vote then

This too I sent privately because of posting limits. It is not confidential..

Sid writes..
>I vote "Yes" or "Aye" on Vladimir's proposal. Also, let everyone 
>note the disruptive and individualist tactics of Rodwell and Malecki. 
>And not pay any attention to them. If they do not want to be subject
>to majority opinion and discipline, they are welcome to go elsewhere.

Dear Sid,

. Obviously your "democratic" pants are falling down around your knees 
before we even get off the ground. And I certainly do not intend to go 
elsewhere. You will have to use your ideas of democracy to expell me for 
some "majority" vote which will lead poor and working class people of the 
cliff ..

By the way if "democracy" worked the way Sid thinks it does their would 
never have been and October Revolution. In fact the entire Russian 
leadership was on a course of Menshevism and Lenin was prepared to split the 
party with his "April Thesis" if necessary..

And I oppose your "disruptive" arguements without any political 
clarification. I explicitly argue just why I voted "nye" and what it means 
for me and the class I belong in the context of the Internet and lists.

Warm regards
Bob Malecki


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