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Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 08:44:18 -0600
Subject: Network for linux-servers for marxism-space

Hello all,

those who were in the former marx-administration already
know that I have now a dedicated computer in my office (a
cheap second-hand 486 which became available when our
computer-lab was upgraded) continuously connected to the
internet, running debian-linux, through which I hope to be
able to host any of the lists in marxism space which want to
come along.  I have been working every free minute since
last Monday to install and configure this computer and I am
making slow but steady progress.  Marxism-thaxis and
marxism-theory already decided to come, and I will also take
marxism-news and marxism-intro (but marxism-intro will take
a little because I have to the pseudonym mailing list software
over from spoon).  Marxism-general is welcome to come along
too, but if the members of M-G find a better solution for
their list then I will respect this and not try to duplicate
marxism-general on the Utah marxism list cluster.

There will also be a list called marx-administration in
which the moderators of these lists and perhaps other list
members decide the groundrules for this cluster of lists.

There will be no charge for using this server, but the lists
which come along must find one or more volunteers who spends
a few hours a month telnetting into this server and helping
with the technical maintenance of all lists.  This is the
same setup the spoon collective has for their lists.
We will cooperate with the spoon collective regarding the
technicalities of list management.

Once I have everything set up on my computer, this setup can
be duplicated easily on other debian-linux workstations.  I
chose debian linux among other brands of linux because they
are the most politically correct and they have an excellent
system how to download and maintain software.  I hope that
in the future we will not have one server but a number of
servers distributed over the whole world.  Those who help
with the technical maintenance will learn many of the things
necessary to support their own servers.

If you want to read up on this look at

and join your local linux users group.

Hans Ehrbar.


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