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Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 12:50:32 -0600
Subject:  heterosexism

>>> Adam Rose <>  4/19/96, 04:05am >>>
Socialists, in contrast to both sides in this debate, argue for mass
activity. ... the way to involve the  widest possible numbers of
people, gay ( out or not ) and straight, is to deliberately seek to
draw in people from other struggles against particular aspects of

The only way this can be done is via socialist politics - pointing
out that capitalism creates the various separate problems and a
united fight against them is the way to win each individual struggle,
and that this unity can only really be built successfully centered
where we are strongest- at work. 

How did capitalism create heterosexism and male supremacy?  Didn't
patriarchy, for instance, pre-date capitalism?


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