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Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 17:12:30 -0400
Subject: Re: M2 moderation / meta-discussion

I would like to make a number of points on this issue:

1. B & M made it their mission to tell us, in every way possible, that we
shouldn't exist as a list. Fine -- but that leads to the obvious question of
why they are here, and I can find no logical answer which indicates a
constructive attitude toward the list. Their behavior said to me that they
were intent on precipitating a confrontation, and my advice to Lisa was that
given that intent, let them have their confrontation and get it over with, so
that the list would not be preoccupied with extraneous nonsense and could
move on. I am prepared to share with Lisa the responsibility, therefore, in
the unsubs.

2. We have asked Lisa to assume a burden for us, and I think that we need to
be careful not to make that burden more difficult and more trying than it
need be. A certain amount of latitude is required, and although some of us
may have been prepared to offer B & M more rope to hang themselves than
others, so long as there is not a fundamental difference of judgment, we
should not micro-manage every decision she makes. It will take a little bit
of time, I think, to reach what is a finely tuned balance.

3. I have no problem with B & M's absence being temporary, as Lisa suggests,
provided that their purpose on the list is a minimally constructive one,
understood simply, as a desire to participate in substantive threads
particular to this list and a willingness not to consume us with issues on
which there is a list consensus and which we want to get past.


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