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Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 09:49:15 -0600
Subject:  Re: VOTE DEADLINE on "soc.politics.marxism" -Reply -Reply

>>> tallpaul <>  4/26/96, 08:53am >>>
To pass, a group needs 2/3 of the votes cast and the YES votes must
exceed the NO votes by 100+ votes. In other words, a vote of 80-to-20
would pass on the 2/3 criteria but would fail on the 100+ criteria.
This is done to insure that there is sufficient internest on the net
to set up the group. 

This is the puzzling bit.  I'd of guessed that "sufficient interest"
could be measured by _interest in_, i.e. yes votes, or "I intend to
join" statements.  Counting votes _against_ something, which
presumably the non-interested parties could simply not join, that is
what seems strange to me.  But hey, I know you don't make the rules.

BTW, please don't presume too much about who has voted, or not, or
which way, unless you are saying that you have seen all the
confidential ballots.  Also, I know I've seen this CFV at least 4
times already, so it's little to wonder that we're talking about
other things.

Thanks for your explanation.  

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