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Subject: State Capitalism or workers rule? (fwd)

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Subject: State Capitalism or workers rule?

Dear friends,

Some other great works exposing the rise (and fall) of most state capitalist
societies--from a marxist position of political economy are

Revolutionary Perspectives
% Comm. Workers Organization
PO Box 338
Sheffield, S3 9YX

This is the best from the the "left-wing communists", The Communist -Left.
Send them a "fiver' and you'll get some good stuff on this-well researched.

Another  great well researched source is

THe Rise and Fall of Stalinism by Walter Daum  of the trotskyist  LRP
Its $15 pp but it is well worth it and i am not a trot -- but this is a great
book -
far better than  T. Cliffs "State Cap. in Russia" which is much outdated  now
>from its 1950s origins. And the Daum book well proves the law of value operates
in the state 
capitalist regimes (former and present) where as I think the SWP-UKs  Cliff
absurdly tried  to avoid this fact.

PO Box 3573
Church St. Sta.
New York, NY 10008-3573

For works of Myasnikov and Mattick  send a few bucks to 

Collective Action Notes
% C. Price
Box 22962
Baltimore, MD 21203

If pro-worker and anti- wage slavery individuals and groups are to make a
contributions to the resurrection of Marxist thought , a thorough grasp of both
the nature of Capital , State capitalism and what real workers socialism is ,
they should 
not be afraid to question the rotting old current leftist -stalino-trotto-social
baggage and give these above mentioned revolutoinary works a try.
Of course the basic works of Marx and Engles are powerful too! But , much , much
comrades,  needs updating and new additions from contemporary marxists, and the
left-communists, anarcho-communists  etc. are trying  at least to take up the 
tasks on this  and explain that the collapse of the "old movement'  was the
collapse of state capitalism and not socialism or marxism!!!!

Los Angeles  Workers' Voice
PO Box 57093
Los Angeles, CA .90057 USA

Believe me, as a former ML for  20 years (OK-I'll fess up!) this material plus
actual intevention in the real struggles of working class people has shown our
the importance of exposing all the state cap frauds--rightist and leftists and
how all they can do today is turn honest workers and others off!!


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