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Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 10:33:51 -0400
Subject: Fraud over "" Cui bono?

Cybernazis accused antifascists of improper behavior throughtout the
discussion for the creation of the news group called
"" Their central problem was their inability to
firmly document any of their claims. 

Then, suddenly, on April 20, one Michael D. Lofton posts a message to the
news group called "news.groups" that is about the prettiest example of a
"pre-filled out ballot" as one could imagine. In it he urged everyone to
vote "no" on the cybernazi group. (A copy of the Lofton post is appended
This represented a considerable dedication to the cause since the vote
closed over a month earlier! And to what cause was Lofton dedicated? 
"Cui bono?" ["who benefits?"] is one standard research technique to use in
these matters. 
Before his post, Lofton did not have much of a history on the net. He
posted a few times looking for "pen pals" and announced on another group
that he liked romance novels. (Perhaps his posts would have been more
appropriate for the news group "alt.lonliness," previously targeted for
trolls by the Cyber Nazi Group.)
Then, suddenly, with no history of any political interest he sends a
perfect example of "vote fraud" to the *one* group on the net most likely
to be upset at fraud (i.e. "news.groups.") It is also the one group on the
net likely to be most familiar with the proposal about which he informs
Cui bono? Who benefits? 
Lofton's post resembles nothing so much as a group of police who announce
they have discovered the proverbial smoking gun on their lead suspect. Of
course the suspect ostensibly dropped the gun on the floor of the police
station where he went to get a drink of water and the smoking gun was,
according to the police, still smoking thirty days after being fired. 
Cui bono? Who benefits? 
Thus far the only group to benefit in any form from the Lofton post have
been the cybernazis. They jumped on the Lofton post as the hard evidence
for the vote fraud they claimed existed all along. 
Thus, on Apr 21, 1996 14:09:06 in article <Re: nazi news>,
' (Skipper's hammer)' wrote: 
>	The glaring face of massive vote fraud, to be released by the UVV, 
>and tha ANTI's [antifascists] want to blame the victims!  There's your
>ulent post! 
Who benefits from the Lofton post? 
Only the cybernazis. 
Decide for yourself where and why the Lofton post originated. 
On Apr 20, 1996 00:08:00 in article <nazi news>,  
' D. LOFTON)' wrote: 
>A group of neo-nazis are trying to form a newsgroup on Usnet called 
>, so that they can get their message of hate out to 
>young people using the internet.  Newsgroups are public discussion areas
>the internet and their formation requires enough support from the internet

>EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU HAS ONE VOTE when it comes to creating a new 
>Usnet group.  I hope you will vote NO and thereby tell these Nazis you 
>don't want their stuff on the net. Below is the procedure, please repost
>plea and get th NO vote out.  this is my personal opinion.  If you want to

>see the official call for votes, you can read in for a copy of 
>the notice calling for voter.  
>Send E-MAIL (posts to a newsgroup are invallid) to:  
>this is an impartial, third-party vote taker.  
>-your mail message should contain only one statement:  
>I vote NO to  
>Vote counting is automated. Failure to follow these directions may mean 
>that you vote does not count. If you do not recieve an acknowledgment of 
>your vote within three days, contact the votetaker about the problem. 
>your responsibility to make sure your vote is regestered correctly.  

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