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Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 21:10:47 -0400
Subject: Re: History of American Marxism

Paul Buhle also wrote an interesting book on Louis Fraina/Lewis Corey, _A
Dreamer's Paradise Lost._ WEB DuBois may be considered a Marxist of a sort in
certain periods,
and his history and sociology of African-American life are important.

IMO, the interesting dynamic in American Marxism in this period is how
ex-Marxists incorporate elements of Marxist analysis into mainstream academic
analysis -- Bertram Wolfe (who we discussed recently), Will Herberg (another
ex-Lovestoneite who wrote the classic sociology of American religion),
Seymour Martin Lipset and Daniel Bell (once Schachtmanites), the Partisan
Review Trotskyists and Lionel Trilling in literary theory, James Burnham,
etc. etc. A lot of this is recounted in Alan Wald's masterful _The New York

By introducing the criteria of _important_ theory, the field is automatically
limited. There were folks like Oliver Cromwell Cox, those around _Science and
Society_, even Herbert Aptheker. Not a sterling or impressive intellectual
crew, I am afraid.

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