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Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 18:02:04 +0200
Subject: Re: Biography of Marx

While I was trying to make a clean up in my
mail boxes I found this:

Justin Schwartz wrote:
> There are no good bios of Lenin.

Justin then lists some of the "no goods".

One unmentioned biography is Tony Cliff: Lenin (3 vols).
I would recommend it as an easy read (even for those
of us who don't read English as our first language).

If you get an older edition it was in 4 vols - in the
newest vols 3+4 are put together.

Tony Cliff also wrote a short biography of Luxemburg and
has recently finished a 4 vol biography of Trotsky (I
think especially vol 4 about Trotsky in the 30's is really
worth reading.

About Marx Alex Callinicos has written "The Revolutionary
Ideas of Karl Marx".

All of them are published by Bookmarks (London, Chicago,
Melbourne) and the authors are leading members of the
Socialist Workers' Party (UK) - Just a warning :-)

Jorn Andersen


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