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Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 22:37:26 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Expelled from Foucault list

Hugh Rodwell wrote:

> I'm afraid the only expulsions I know about are the ones from marxism2 --

... what a boor.

> Marxism1 is completely open and
> uncensored, to the credit of those who unleashed it and in fact by their
> good offices -- the day they tire of the free-for-all experiment, we get
> switched off.

... what a joke.

> You'd better check out the policy sheet of
> the Foucault list and try and find out if there's unstated policy at work
> if you can find some experienced subscriber willing to talk to you.

... what a farce and a ruse.

> I then sent mail to the marxism
> >list which none of you got and which never appeared in the archives.

... what a paranoid.

> >Now suddenly I am able to write messages again.

... it's all a gigantic conspiracy.

> Nothing surprises me here. It can be a very Alice-in-Wonderland sort of
> place. But you ought to challenge the moderator to explain that message.
> Another possibility is sabotage.

... yes, it's sabotage orchestrated by the CIA, Interpol, and Captain

> I had someone fake my e-mail address as
> 'sender' of an uncomplimentary letter to m2 about the moderator, and this
> kind of thing may be happening to you.

so you say ....

> Sorry I can't be more specific.

Thank heaven for small mercies.

> Hope this helps.

No you don't.


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