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Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 12:43:45 +0000
Subject: Re: so-called "CENSORSHIP"

Karl to Jon:

Why are you so quick to respond to my suggestion of censorship if 
what I say is not true. I have written to you before in private 
concerning the mailbombing by the moderators of foucault and their 
friends and yet you gave no response until you saw that I was in 
communication with another member of the spoon lists. This response 
>from you, which was snide and flippant, was concerned more with my 
expulsion from the list than with my being mailbombed.

The problem with the email has never happened over all the period in 
which I have been hooked up to cyberspace. Yet it just happened to 
happen when I was being victimized by you and the spoon collective. 
What a coincidence. There is an investigation ongoing into 
this matter on my side of the Atlantic.

Just look at the situation. I write my first message to the 
foucalult list after being on the foucault list for a week or so 
becuase the list was quite active and perhaps worth particpating in. 
As soon as my message hits the list there is almost complete silence 
on the list for something like a week when it had been quite active. 
Consequently I sent a message to sus out why the silence and why no 
reply to my message. I get a  meesage from ddiane. I reply to 
her message in a perfectly correct way and then there are about two or 
so more messages between both of us. Then suddenly I am mailbombed. 
Several hundered of my few messages together with some others are 
bounced back to me. I am told by certain people to get off the list.

This simply makes me more determined. I send a message to Darlene
Sybert exposing succintly and devastatingly the absurdity of her
position concerning her views on subjectivity. She never replies.
Then I find my mail is not being sent out on the foucault list. In
the mean time certain people on this list suggest that i write
privately rather than in public. Then I am told in a snide and
patronising way by Jon Beasley-Murray that I have been expelled.
There is no consultation with me before this expulsion nor
notification in advance and no explanation attached.

I then persist in advertisng my expulsion through cetrtain mailing lists 
etc including the foucault list. I am still able to send from the 
outsidi mail to this list. At this stage things start to go funny. I 
cannot send my email out to either lists or to people privately. 
Mail is coming in both privately and through lists but it wont go 
out. I then try to use the IRC to get advice and explain to people 
what is happening. I manage to make contact and then suddnely I 
cannot get through anymore. I try a score or more of ther IRC 
providers and they are all inaccessible. It was as if when could see 
me getting through the IRC and then cut me off. I then got to the 
news groups and just canot get through.

I contact some people who are expert in these areas and both of them
including some others were astonished at this. They were certain
that a member of the Indigo staff, my internet provider, must either
be on the mailing list from which I have been forcibly unsubscribed
or else closely linked to it. Rememeber that I cannot send any mail
out even privately yet on Sunday morning while I had this problem
other people could send mail to me. I know this for a fact.

I contacted Indgo concerning the problem and they were stunned. They
said either it is a bug in my software which, as it transpired, was
not the case or else someone is able to tamper with their accounts
which is then very serious. I had also suggested that a member or
mebers of his staff may be working for this foucault list. He did
not disagree.This Indigo staff member asked me to contact them on
Monday when the manager is present. I had also contacted another
Irish Internet provder before this because the Indigo helpdesk was
not open. Ireland On-Line were certain that it was caused by some
people on the foucault mailing list being inside Indgo, my internet

Now very shortly, within an hour, after I submitted my complaint to 
Indigo the system started working perfectly again. Is that not  
very strange?

I am not by nature a supicious person yet wouldn't think this very 
strange. I am making a big thing of this because I am fairly 
convinced that there something very very rotten in the state of 

My view is that when they could not shut me up my snbide post, by 
mailbombing, by unsubbing me, by stoppping me from emailing foucault 
>from the outside into foucault they they tried to silence me 
completely. However in the process they may screwed up other peoples 
systems. In other words a verysophisticated experiment was being 
conducted and it backfired.

These people, whoever they are, have a wide contact base and the 
resources to go with it. They are people with some influence. I have 
a fair idea who they are. However I am not prepared to say at this 
stage. I have been receiving advice.

These are rushed statements. I shall be sending out a more elaborate 
account of the entire affair in the future if I have not been by then 
expelled from other Spoon Lists.

                        Yours sincerely,
                                                Karl Carlile

> Majordomo was down at Virginia for a while yesterday, which is why some 
> emails may not have got through to the l*st.
> (Actually, as a technical note for those who understand these things, I 
> think it was perl that was down or something; they've been upgrading perl 
> from perl 6 to perl 7 or so I semi-understand.  Either that or the bin 
> directory disappeared, which disabled both perl and majordomo.  Don't ask 
> me to explain what I myself hardly understand.)
> Anyhow...
> So this is not at all a matter of censorship; rather a technical 
> difficulty.  If you have not seen a post of yours appear on the list, 
> please try again.
> Take care
> Jon
> Jon Beasley-Murray
> Literature Program
> Duke University
>      --- from list ---

                              Yours etc.,

     --- from list ---


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