File spoon-archives/marxism2.archive/marxism2_1996/96-07-31.055, message 107

Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 13:27:01 +0000
Subject: Moderator

It would seem to me and to others that you and whoever you are a tool for, 
may have had a hand in this curious breakdown with regards to the 
lists and the newsgroups and the irc channels. 

You and the anonymity that you represent went to great extremes to 
get me off ths List and to try and stifle me generally. I'm sure you 
and the people you work for find the pomo word,"crap",  very 
acceptable and enlightening.
Incidentally it was you, when I pointed out that mail was coming in
but not going for me, who suggested that email was in general going
out declared that this could not be true. Now you are saying I was
right.Obviously you are not to be taken seriously. What people will
find very interesting is that if  there was a problem concerning the
lists, at a time when you were tinkering with some lists, why they
the mail continued to come in but would not go out. They might be
forgiven for believing that the people you represent, whoever they
may be and I have my own ideas as to who they may be, were
experimenting in how to introuce censorhip in cyberspace in a way
that had perhaps not been done before.
I must say I am quite flattered that I have been given so much attention 
by you and your friends. They must feel quite threatened by what 
people like me. I did not think I was that significant.
I am convinced that it is imperative for people to express their 
explicit opposition to censorship on the list by reactionary people 
like who parade themselves as liberals of one sort or another.
The fact that  you, Malagosi the moderator, actually prevented
marxism list mail from getting on its archives represents a serious
invasion of the marxism list and must be condemmed by all members of
the marxism list. The Spoon Collective should dismiss you as 
moderator of the foucalult list for abusing your position.
I thank those people who have expressed solidarity with me concerning 
censorship on the Spoon lists and anti-democratic activity on the 
Spoon lists.
> I can explain it all.  First of all, all the lists, and all of majordomo,
> were down for a period of time yesterday.  All messages sent during this
> period were lost.  These kinds of drastic breakdowns don't happen often,
> but they do happen, and it is always good to keep a copy of every message
> until it has actually appreared on the list.
> Malagosia: Yesterday it so happened that I came across some of your messages waiting
> for approval, and I deleted them, because I am just so sick of your crap. 
> But even though I _am_ sick of your crap, I should have forwarded the
> messages to the non-foucault lists to which they were addressed, and 
> I apologize for not having done so.
 Karl: Malgosia should be dismissed as moderator for this conduct.
                               Yours etc.,
>                                          Karl 

                              Yours etc.,

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