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Jon Beasley-Murray <> wrote Tuesday:

>I think I've seen mention of this guy Sarfatti in alt.kooks or some such 
>place.  Indeed, he might well be in the net.kooks.FAQ (or whatever), 
>along with people such as Doctress Neutropia and her lovology (or 
>whatever).  I'll try to dig up some references.

Check out the WWW page of the "Physics/Consciousness Research
Group," at:

(Text from this page follows.  Note last sentence.)

Physics/Consciousness Research Group

[Image]From left to right is Jack Sarfatti, Fred Alan Wolf, Nick Herbert,
and Saul-Paul Sirag at the San Francisco Art Institute 1994. PCRG was
co-founded by Jack Sarfatti and Michael Murphy at the Esalen Institute in
Big Sur, California in 1974. Financed by Werner Erhard, Jean Lanier and the
late George Koopman, the PCRG nurtured the creation of books like Space-Time
and Beyond, The Tao of Physics, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, Cosmic Trigger,
and The Roots of Consciousness. The group included Timothy Leary,
prize-winning author, Fred Alan Wolf, Nick Herbert, Fritjof Capra, Saul Paul
Sirag, Henry Dakin, Robert Anton Wilson, Barbara Honneger, the late Brendan
O Regan, George Leonard, Gary Zukav, Ira Einhorn, Lynn Hershmann and many
others who came for shorter visits like David Finkelstein, Russell Targ,
Brian Josephson, Karl Pribram, Henry Stapp, Phillipe Eberhard, Ralph
Abraham, Uri Geller and others. The group is now reborn on the World Wide
Web twenty years later with both new and old faces. The PCRG was the
inspiration for the film Ghost Busters. PCRG patron, the late George Koopman
was a close friend of Dan Ackroyd and gave him the idea for the movie. Jack
Sarfatti introduced Jacques Vallee to Francis Ford Coppola and his friends
in 1975. Vallee became technical advisor to Speilberg's film, Close
Encounters of the Third Kind. Jack Sarfatti is rumored to be the inspiration
for the mad physicist in Back to the Future.

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