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Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 20:36:45 +0000
Subject: bad "science" pop.

I read something else a bit shoddy by Horgan last year.  I think it was 
in SciAm, reporting on the Human Behavior and Evolution Society.  The 
more I see of some HBES members' work, the more shoddy I think some of 
that is, too, but not for quite the same reasons that I disliked 
Horgan's article.  

Yet, until I can form my own, better organization and e-mail discussion 
list and conference series, I'm stuck with HBES being the only org that 
includes my field of evolutionary anthropology.  We are, of course, the 
abused minority that actually makes sense within that partially 
correctly maligned org.

But I'll stop digressing.  It's just on my mind because controversy and 
list-splitting going on within HBES.

But Ralph, want to give a little more on what it was about Horgan's 
latest that was mystifying / disgusting / etc.?


Ralph Dumain wrote:
> Rahul and other interested parties, you should check out yet
> another shoddy piece of science popularization in the wake of the
> Sokal affair:
> Horgan, John.  "Science set free from truth", THE NEW YORK TIMES,
> 16 July 1996, p. A17.
> Truly disgusting.  But is it not also true that physicists are
> also responsible for shameful mystification in their own field?
> And what do you think of superstring theory?
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