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Date: Sat, 27 Jul 1996 18:58:04 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Sao Paulo Forum Alert

>From: Bill Koehnlein <>
>Subject: Sao Paulo Forum Alert
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>Date: Sat, 27 Jul 1996 03:31:18 -0400 (EDT)
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>From: CISPES <>
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>  C     I     S     P     E     S
>Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador
>National Office: P.O. Box 1801, New York, NY 10159 ~ 212-229-1290 3
Regional Offices: Boston, MA 617-524-1166 3 
>New York, NY 212-229-1290 3  Minneapolis, MN 612-872-0944 3  San Francisco,
CA 415-648-6520, Fax 212 645-6657; e-mail
>July 25, 1996
>On July 24th, the "Nationalist Force Roberto D'Aubuisson" (known by its
spanish acronym, FURODA), issued a general death threat against participants
in the VIth Meeting of the Sao Paolo Forum, taking place in San Salvador
through this weekend.  The Foro consists of representatives of 116 left and
progressive political parties and organizations from throughout the
Carrribean and Latin America.  At this meeting in El Salvador, (where the
Foro agenda is aimed at developing joint strategies for development
alternatives to "neo-liberal" policies), roughly 100 observers from the
United States are participating.
>FURODA's communique, which was faxed to the hotel where the Foro is
meeting, proclaims, "We have sworn to our highest leader Major Roberto
D'Aubuisson that El Salvador will be the tomb where the reds will be
> FURODA's namesake and "leader," D'Aubuisson, organized ORDEN, the first
modern death squad in El Salvador, in the late 60's with U.S. Government
assistance.  He has been recognized as the intellectual author of the 1980
killing of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero and, in 1984, D'Aubuisson founded
ARENA, the political Party that governs El Salvador today.  The above threat
"El Salvador will be the tomb" - is lifted from the lyrics of the ARENA
Party's anthem.
>The threat continues, "Begining this day, our sabotage commandos have
orders to destroy Hotels, Restaurants, and Centers of Concentration where
the communist worms will have activities of whatever type.  This includes
the place where the bastards will meet for the Foro.  Our Special Squads
have orders to execute the foreign communists wherever they find them..."
>This is the third threat by FURODA in recent weeks and reiterates the
group's plan to kill the individulas previously listed by name- mostly
clergy and journalists.  (See June 27 CISPES Action Alert.).
>These threats come only days after the right-wing daily, el Diario de Hoy,
ran a lengthy article denouncing Foro participants as foreign communists.
>In the days leading up to the Foro, the only concerns about security voiced
by the Salvadoran Government, were expressed by the Minister of the
Interior, who warned that the government would be keeping a close eye on
foreigners from countries with which El Salvador has no relations, calling
such Foro participants a "threat to national security."  The Minister of
Public Security, Hugo Barrera, for his part, made a statement last week
saying that there was no need for special security concerns because the
event was insignificant.
>In El Salvador, where death squads and organized crime operate with
impunity and are linked to powerful economic and military players, these
threats must be taken seriously.  On Tuesday, 7/23 Avivia Osorio Mengar of
COMADRES, Mothers of the Disappeared was killed in San Salvador; COMADRES
has received death threats for several months.
>Suggested Action:
>Call or Fax:
>Spanish Speakers - 
>	1.  Hugo Barrera, Minister of Public Security; tel 011 503 245 2644; fax
011 503 245 2650.
>	2. Armando Calderon Sol, President of the Republic of El Salvador; tel.
011 503 271 1555; 
>		fax 011 503 271 0950.
> a) That they guarantee the safety of Foro participants and all of the
individuals recently threatened 	by FURODA.
>b)Also demand that a full investigation to end the death squads once and
for all.
>English Speakers - 
>	3. Call your Congressional Representatives Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121
>DEMAND that your Representative  call or fax John Hamilton, Assistant
Secretary for Latin America and the Carribean at the State Department to:
>	a)insist that the Salvadoran Government guarantee safety for the Sao Paolo
Forum meeting 		which includes US citizens as well as clergy and journalists
threatened by FURODA.
>	b) call for a full investigation into the death squads in El Salvador.

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