File spoon-archives/marxism2.archive/marxism2_1996/96-07-31.055, message 88

Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 14:30:31 +0000
Subject: Re: dialectics

Hugh: Can you fill me in on information concerning this Foucault 
List. A few people on this List were responsible for expelling me 
>from the List and then preventing mail of mine from getting into the 

At first I was able to send messages to the Foucault List after 
being expelled then that stopped. I then sent mail to the marxism 
list which none of you got and which never appeared in the archives.

Then later I had the unusual experience of finding that mail was 
coming into while I could not send any out either privately or to the 

If you read a letter in the current foucault archives concerned under 
a heading which has my name on it you will see an oiminous message by 
one of the moderators of that list.

It seems that certain people have may have access to internet 
providers and be able to tamper with accounts. At the moment it is 
under investigation.

Now suddenly I am able to write messages again.

                              Yours etc.,

     --- from list ---


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