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Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 02:46:42 +0100
Subject: Expelled from Foucault list

Karl writes:

>Hugh: Can you fill me in on information concerning this Foucault
>List. A few people on this List were responsible for expelling me
>from the List and then preventing mail of mine from getting into the

Since you ask, I'll reply.

I'm afraid the only expulsions I know about are the ones from marxism2 --
BodySack, Robert M and myself. The first two still in force, the third ban
lifted because I agreed, grinding my teeth, to abide by the rules. The
first two expulsions took place pretty informally, the third was formalized
after the event as you might say, and the rules were formulated to cover
the expulsions retroactively before I reapplied for subscription rights.

Could be you were zapped by informal excommunication on grounds no one is
obliged to reveal to you. It became abundantly clear in the discussions
here that this is quite feasible. The lists are no democratic havens run by
the participants, they aren't parties and they aren't organizations with
any formal structure of decision-making, they're run by a collective on
what seems to be a take-it-or-leave-it basis, with a variety of attitudes
to participation, openness and control. Marxism1 is completely open and
uncensored, to the credit of those who unleashed it and in fact by their
good offices -- the day they tire of the free-for-all experiment, we get
switched off. M2 is open but subject to strict moderation with respect to
the rules stated in the policy sheet and with the sanction of unsubbing at
the discretion of the moderator. You'd better check out the policy sheet of
the Foucault list and try and find out if there's unstated policy at work
if you can find some experienced subscriber willing to talk to you.

>At first I was able to send messages to the Foucault List after
>being expelled then that stopped. I then sent mail to the marxism
>list which none of you got and which never appeared in the archives.
>If you read a letter in the current foucault archives concerned under
>a heading which has my name on it you will see an oiminous message by
>one of the moderators of that list.
>It seems that certain people have may have access to internet
>providers and be able to tamper with accounts. At the moment it is
>under investigation.
>Now suddenly I am able to write messages again.

Nothing surprises me here. It can be a very Alice-in-Wonderland sort of
place. But you ought to challenge the moderator to explain that message.

Another possibility is sabotage. I had someone fake my e-mail address as
'sender' of an uncomplimentary letter to m2 about the moderator, and this
kind of thing may be happening to you.

Sorry I can't be more specific.

Hope this helps.



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