File spoon-archives/marxism2.archive/marxism2_1996/96-07-31.055, message 98

Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 21:01:20 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Mystery of Karl's disappearing messages

I can explain it all.  First of all, all the lists, and all of majordomo,
were down for a period of time yesterday.  All messages sent during this
period were lost.  These kinds of drastic breakdowns don't happen often,
but they do happen, and it is always good to keep a copy of every message
until it has actually appreared on the list.

Secondly, specifically to Karl: you will not be able to post to the
foucault list.  It's true that one of your messages did get through,
but that was a fluke.  Now when you send a message to any other list,
but also send it to foucault, the message has to go through an approval
process -- this applies _only_ to messages that you also send to foucault.
Yesterday it so happened that I came across some of your messages waiting
for approval, and I deleted them, because I am just so sick of your crap. 
But even though I _am_ sick of your crap, I should have forwarded the
messages to the non-foucault lists to which they were addressed, and 
I apologize for not having done so.


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