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Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 02:36:25 GMT
Subject: Re: Good History of Western Civilization?

Try Charles van Doren's _History of Knowledge_, Birch lane Press, New York,
1991. 419 pp., hc. Uneven in spots, hardly Marxist, but interesting. 
On Jul 27, 1996 21:37:54, 'Philip Locker <>' wrote: 
>I know this is sort of out of the blue but I wanted some help finding a
>Can anybody recomend a good history of Western Civilization (It does not 
>have to be marxist) from the Greeks on up.  It could be a serries or 
>individual books on different periods (Greeks, Romans, Middle Ages, etc, 
>18th century) or 1 book!  I'm looking for a all around hisrory in the 
>historical sense, i.e. not that much of an interpertation ,but more what 
>happened (intellectually, cultural, economic, political, etc.) 
>Any help would be appreciated. 
>Philip Locker 
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