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Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 19:19:09 EDT
Subject: Re: Richard Koenigsberg speaks on the Political Psychology of War, Genocide &...

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Why did Saddam Hussein not let inspectors do their work? 
Seems likely either:

(1) He wanted to keep shadow programs in a production limbo (much as US 
defense contractors do when awaiting government funding) until the US and UN 
wearied of enforcing no-fly zones and gave in to calls to end sanctions, and then 
ramp up the WMD production--and so he only concentrated on the illegal missile 
program that WAS uncovered, and/or 

(2) He felt that the perception that his regime did have WMDs helped to keep 
his regime safe from border conflicts with Syria and Iran, and so encouraged 
the illusion that he was armed.

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