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Date:         Tue, 15 Nov 94 18:29:48 EST
Subject:      Nietzsche/Heidegger

hi everyone.  apologies to those who are subscribed to both the nietzsche and
the heidegger lists;  i know there is a lot of overlap.  as i have stated
before, i will be writing on how heidegger uses his nietzsche lectures to
respond to the national socialists.  there is over 1,000 pages that i can pore
through to do this research and i only have a month, so i was wondering if
those who have already read these lectures could point me in the right
direction.  that is, which of the 4 parts of the nietzsche lectures are most
directed against the nazis (using nietzsche as the medium of attack)?  i am
going to purchase parts 3 and 4, _the will to power as knowledge and metaphy-
sics_ and _nihilism_.  can anyone give me any pointers? are these the best
texts to choose?  does anyone know john caputo (at villanova) or david krell's
(at depaul in chicago) email address?  as before, send responses to or

                                --cluelessly yours,



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