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Date: Tue, 15 Nov 1994 17:54:09 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Re: New Nietzsche List and other developments at the new Thinknet site

A couple of years ago I was in the park watching a play in an open air 
theater.  Halfway through the second act a clown walked up, set up his 
pathetic little gags, and tried to entice the audience to turn their gaze 
from the stage and focus upon him.  Such actions bespeak a total 
ignorance of the will-to-power, which is not an ability to enforce an 
individual will.

Kent, why don't you knock off the clown routine?


On Tue, 15 Nov 1994, Kent D. Palmer, Ph.D. wrote:

> There is a new secondary Nietzsche list forming which will be dedicated to 
> slowreading of the works of Nietzsche. The spoon list you are on will 
> continue to be the primary Nietzsche list.
> To find out how to join this new list send the message HELP to 
> The new list is offered by Thinknet which is part of the Dialognet consortia.
> The main emphasis at the thinknet site will be Topical lists:
> There is a cluster of lists on which any topic within a particular theme
> area may be discussed. The first philosophy cluster has the topic of 
> cross currents and intertextuality in postmodern philosophy. Each theme 
> cluster is associated with a list of philosophers instead of a single 
> philosopher. For instance the first cluster is associated with the 
> following philosophies:
> Kristeva
> Lacan
> Bataille
> Plotnitsky
> Heidegger
> Derrida
> etc . . .
> The list names or the cluster are:
> pc1-topics
> pc1-discussion
> pc1-talk-one
> pc1-talk-two
> pc1-talk-three
> pc1-talk-four
> pc1-significa
> pc1-trivia
> The idea is that you subscribe to the topics list if you want to know 
> what is happening. A topic is brought up on the topics list and if there 
> is interest it is assigned a talk channel. Then discussion of that topic 
> moves to the talk-channel where it continues till it peters out. There 
> may be several topics on one talk channel. Conversations that are off the 
> subject or arguments are asked to move to the trivia channel. 
> Announcements or messages that apply to more than one topic are also 
> posted on the significa list. The discussion list is for talking about 
> how the general discussions on all the lists of the cluster are going. It 
> is a meta-discussion list.
> This is a new experiment in how to foster thoughtful conversation in 
> cyberspace. Please participate in it. If this cluster gets going I will 
> open up other clusters with other Themes. The idea is to free us from 
> Proper Name lists and Abstract name lists so that the conversation can 
> evolve without the constraints of the list names. Yet this method allows 
> people to only listen to what interests them.
> Thinknet will sponsor a series of Proper Name lists and Abstract name 
> lists as well. But the emphasis will be on topical lists. Think of them 
> as salons with many rooms where various conversations are going on at 
> once. You can listen to or participate in as many conversations as you 
> like in the salon. 
> Thinknet will continue to offer experiments in the facilitation of 
> thoughfulness in cyberspace. We intend ot cooperate with anyone who is 
> also fostering the spread of philosophy in this new realm. If you have 
> any ideas to offer or would like to help then contact us.
> Kent
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> Software Engineering Technologist      administrator Thinknet philosophy lists
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