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Subject: Re: Nietzsche/Heidegger
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 1994 16:03:32 -0500

>hi everyone.  apologies to those who are subscribed to both the nietzsche and
>the heidegger lists;  i know there is a lot of overlap.  as i have stated
>before, i will be writing on how heidegger uses his nietzsche lectures to
>respond to the national socialists.  there is over 1,000 pages that i can pore
>through to do this research and i only have a month, so i was wondering if
>those who have already read these lectures could point me in the right
>direction.  that is, which of the 4 parts of the nietzsche lectures are most
>directed against the nazis (using nietzsche as the medium of attack)?  i am
>going to purchase parts 3 and 4, _the will to power as knowledge and metaphy-
>sics_ and _nihilism_.  can anyone give me any pointers? are these the best
>texts to choose?  does anyone know john caputo (at villanova) or david krell's
>(at depaul in chicago) email address?  as before, send responses to
> or
>                                --cluelessly yours,
>                                  mitch

Have you read Fred Dallmayr's book _The Other Heidegger_?  He has been
trying to deal with your question for much of his career, and is trying to
read H.'s lecture courses of the 30's as developing a response to National
Socialism.  It's very good stuff.  Unfortunately Fred doesn't use
computers, so no email address.

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