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Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 11:10:55 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Some holiday cheer, in honor of Dr. Babich's request

On Mon, 18 Dec 1995, John B. Morgan wrote:

> It has occurred to me that, during the holiday season, many TRUE Nietzscheans 
> on this list no doubt feel left out in the cold as the mass culture goes 
> on its merry Xmas way. So I thought to myself: whilst the herd celebrates the
> birth of a god, why shouldn't we, the uebermenschen (and let's not leave out 
> the ueberfrauen), celebrate the death of God? Why don't we have a truly
> Dionysian celebration, for Nietzsche list subscribers only, on Christmas Day?
> It may be quite daunting to imagine all the brain power of this list together
> in the same room at the same time, but surely this experiment is worth 
 > the risk of possible spontaneous deconstruction. Slingshots, however, 
> be checked at the door. Physical contact will, of course, present its 
> problems. As good uebermenschen/frauen, we cannot allow others' aesthetic 
> principles to interfere with our own highly evolved and personal 
> interpretations. Thus I suggest that the festivities be conducted entirely in
> the dark, to preserve each members' own law and to suggest the impossibility of
> meaning. Large quantities of liquor should be served, as should cocktail
> shrimps marinated in chocolate syrup and ketchup, garnished with broken glass
> to prove the stamina of the consumer. For music: start off with a bit from
> CARMEN, but then, to engage in a truly LIVING form of music, a concerto for
> kazoo, timpanii and water-filled wine glasses punctuated by barbaric yawps from
> the audience. For entertainment: a game of charades, which will provide many
> laughs as participants refute the meaning of each contestants' antics in 
> turn (which of course will be invisible in the dark anyway). The celebration
> shall not come to an end until the first light of dawn shines through the
> windows, when everyone present will of course turn to dust on the currents of
> the early morning air. So what do you think? Let's do it!
> Unfortunately, I myself will be unable to attend, as I will be too busy 
> asserting the patriarchy by attending as many concerts at Lincoln Center 
> and the MET as possible while I am home for the holidays (I'll certainly wave
> as I pass by on my way, Dr. Babich!). But I wish the rest of you the very 
> best of anti-holidays.
> John Morgan                       "I can be respectful when it suits me. 
> The University of Michigan         I just don't let it go to my head."  
>                                       --Me
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You post this in jest I know, but it is possible! If anyone would like to 
meet for a real time chat anytime, but especially on Xmas day, just let 
it be known. I will set up a virtual MOO room for us on a MOO where I am 
a wizard. I will give each of you a character and a password (anonymous) 
and we can have at it! Terrific idea! Feedback anyone? If you haven't 
experience online MOO text-based virtual reality, you're in for a treat. 
Let me clear up one misconception right away. MOO is NOT, got it, NOT IRC 
or MUD! MUch , much more sophisticated. Some of you may already have 
experienced this via PMCMOO, and fact, I will take that as a 
given. However, if you haven't experienced it, and you are 
interested...let me know.



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