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Subject: Re:  Another one bites the list
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 22:37:58 


>To the guy from Stockholm with the "sense" that there might be strong
>affinities between Nietzsche and Feyerabend ...

Only an affinity, as the plural would pertain to Feyerabend-A. But
seriously! I may be up shit creek without a paddle on this one but PKF
striked me as being a scientific spirit, useful because he's still into
this thing called science, dealing with methodologies, not moralities; one
might say he's more of a gay methodologist than Nietzsche is a gay
moralist. And yes, I'd care very much for your comments on my blatant
assertions. I never took a five hour walk with the man, in fact I don't
think I've taken a five hour walk, period...

(I also sense an affinity between Nietzsche and Kuhn but I'm saving that.)


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