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>I shan't be making the classic mistake of saying "Ubermensch=master
>race".  My angle will be sonmething like the theory of the "overman" was an
>elitist view and very easy to twist into the Nazi ideology.

=46air enough, but "elitist" is of course as double-faced as "=DCbermensch". In
nazism, "superhuman" merely means "human", only more visibly so
(Nietzschean word, Hegelian idea). The actual dichotomy is between human
and subhuman (i.e. unhuman), goodbye Nietzschean elitism. The unhuman
aren't slaves or chandala or anything else belonging to any order of rank.
It's rather the doctrine of equality that's being employed: "All humans are
alike! Therefore, those not-so-alike aren't humans. QED."


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