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Date:          Tue, 19 Dec 1995 22:39:19 +0200
Subject:       Re: Some holiday cheer, in honor of Dr. Babich's request

John Morgan writes:

> It has occurred to me that, during the holiday season [..] whilst the 
> herd celebrates the birth of a god, why shouldn't we, the uebermenschen 
> (and let's not leave out  the ueberfrauen), celebrate the death of God? 
> Why don't we have a truly Dionysian celebration....

Good idea. And coincidentally, it was exactly the argument a friend 
used recently to convince me, after years of studiously ignoring 
Christmas, to  "do something" over these dreaded holidays. So anybody, 
feel free to drop in (especially BB). It will be moderately Dionysian - food, 
wine, a few temple servants (of ill repute), but alas, very few sacrifices.


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