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Subject: Re: Nietzsche/Heidegger
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995 23:32:43 


>Do you view so-called 'Green' ecological movements as being latently
>right-wing?  In Germany anyway they have I believe an origin in a
>kind of 'Bodenmythos.'

Certainly, "right-wing" meaning collectivists against time.

My comment on individualists being right-wing of course doesn't imply the
reverse; rather that when the individualist lapse into the collective it is
always a soil-mythos (common ground as starting-point; the mountain if you
wish) as distinct from a work-mythos (community being created by _us_ -
plural). There are aspects of the soil as well, the interesting thing is
how bad one needs it and for what.

The individualist avoids the work-mythos because it drags a plural into his
creativity; the greens avoid it because it drags creativity into their
plural. They're idealists, they don't like change and they care more for
the species of animals than for the animals. (The soil-mythos is also the
only option open to people who can't hold a job.)

The division of the world into "nature" and "culture" in order to pass
judgement on the latter is not a pretty sight, but hey, once the aryan had
to be preserved and now it's just the panda, so perhaps there's improvement
after all?


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